Ciabatta  Arugula

tomato, mozzarella, pesto  6.00

Vegetarian Baguette

Sun-dried tomato paste and grilled vegetables       5.50

Viennian Baguette 

Chicken fillet, cheese, bacon      7.50

Rustic cold cuts baguette

Prosciutto cotto, mortadella, salami, smoked turkey, parmesan flakes, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise 7.50

Bagel vegan  Falafel

tomato, lettuce, onion and hummus 7.50

Pinza sandwich 

Grilled chicken, parmesan cream with forest mushrooms, rocket 7.50

Mojo sandwich

Grilled pork, mix of cheeses, mustard, pickles and mayo lime sauce with dill 8.50

All of the above is accompanied by a salad with young leafy vegetables and dressing

XXL Hot Dog

Frankfurter or traditional sausage, cabbage,carrotketchup and mustard, french fries  6.50                    

Club Sandwich Chicken 

Lettuce, tomato, chicken fillet, bacon, smoked turkey, cheese and mayonnaise 10.00

Club Sandwich Deli 

Lettuce, tomato, bacon, ham, smoked turkey, cheese and mayonnaise 9.00

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